We are a team of top Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers and experts, having both industry and academic experience in the field. We have worked in diverse top institutions such as MIT, ETH Zurich, Google, EPFL and others.

We believe in the power of AI to change the world. AI can help address essential societal problems such as reducing bureaucracy, enhancing transparency of public systems, discovering fraud, addressing economic problems or understanding people’s complaints and needs.

There are many NGOs and NPOs working towards these impactful problems. They all need the best AI knowledge to harvest their data to solve different problems of interest. However, such expertise is very scarce and expensive as most of the top AI researchers have their own paid jobs or companies.

Our goal is to make AI state-of-the-art expertise accessible to non-profit organizations that work for solving burning societal problems. We offer non-profit (free) consulting for NGOs and companies in the areas of Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Computer Vision (CV). The first form of this project happens via Slack.

Please contact us and explain your problems and data. We are here to help you enhance your systems with top AI models. You come with your best engineers, we come with the best personalized solutions and explain them in detail, iterating as many times as needed until we reach together the most exciting outcomes.

Advised NGOs



Dr. Gary B├ęcigneul

PhD from ETH Zurich at 25, former researcher at MIT and Max Planck, Dieter-Rapacher Prize 2020, +10 papers at top ML conferences, over 500 citations, Master in Math from Cambridge at 21, Junior Fermat Prize 2015 in Math.

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Dr. Octavian Ganea

Post-doct. Researcher at MIT, PhD from ETH Zurich, 13 papers at top ML conferences, over 800 citations, Master in CS from EPFL, 4 Google Internships.

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A.I. Experts

(Alphabetical order)

Gregor Bachmann

Thesis on Graph Neural Networks. PhD Researcher in Machine Learning at ETH Zurich, Master and Bachelor degrees in Mathematics from ETH. Exceptional M.Sc GPA (5.78/6).

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Andreas Bloch

Thesis on Recommender Systems. Bachelor in CS from ETH Zurich, Bachelor in Business Administration from ZHAW, contributor to the geoopt Python Library.

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Calin Cruceru

Thesis on Graph Representations. PhD Researcher in Machine Learning at ETH Zurich, Master in CS from ETH Zurich, Interned 3 times at Google and once at Bloomberg LP. Exceptional M.Sc GPA (5.79/6).

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Octav Dragoi

Thesis on Generative Models for Molecules. He worked full-time for two years as a Quant at Jump Trading and interned at D.E. Shaw. Master student in CS at Technical Univ. Munich, Bachelor in Math from Harvard, Gold and Silver medals at IMO.

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Till Haug

COO & co-Founder of NLP/AI Start-up VeeZoo AG. Studied CS at ETH Zurich and Princeton. Published Research on Question Answering.

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Maxim Kochurov

Open Source contributor to Riemannian optimization (Geoopt), Hyperbolic Deep Learning, and Bayesian modeling (PyMC3). Researcher Samsung AI, Bayes Group. MSc in Data Science at Skoltech, BSc in Economics at Moscow State University.

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Nikolaos Kolitsas

NLP/ML Engineer at Telepathy Labs, Zurich. Thesis on End-to-End Neural Entity Linking, published at CoNLL. Master in CS from ETH Zurich, M.Eng from NTU Athens.

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Simon Mathis

ML Engineer at Visium, Founder of Hack4Good and the Analytics Club of ETH Zurich, Master in Physics from ETH Zurich (ETH Medal), internships at BCG & IBM.

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Panayiotis Panayiotou

Thesis on Generative Models for Molecules. Master Student in CS at ETH Zurich, Bachelor in CS from Imperial College, represented Greece at the IOI, Internships at Microsoft and Rakuten.

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Ondrej Skopek

Software Engineer at Google Zurich, working on the Google Assistant. Thesis on M-VAE, published in ICLR 2020. Master in CS from ETH Zurich, Interned at Google, Microsoft, RedHat. Exceptional M.Sc GPA (5.6/6).

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Alexandru Tifrea

Thesis on Word Embeddings, published in ICLR 2019. PhD Researcher at ETH Zurich, Master in CS at ETH Zurich, Research and Software Internships at Google Brain, Google Zurich, Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, BitDefender. Exceptional M.Sc GPA (5.7/6).

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Thijs Vogels

PhD Researcher in Machine Learning and Optimization at EPFL, Master in CS from ETH Zurich, papers in top ML conferences, over 180 citations, US patents, Internships at Disney Research and Bloomberg LP.

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Philipp Wirth

Thesis on Hierarchical Language Modeling. Master and Bachelor degrees in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Interned at the European Space Agency.

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